DataScience ISCTE - Students

Weidmam Leles

Master's student

Master in Data Science, Master in International Development and Cooperation and International Analyst - Currently, I am leading the delivery of a connected Data Platform at Unilever, facilitating accelerated access to integrated and trusted data at scale across the company for analytics and informed decision-making. My efforts involve embedding data science and core data and analytics capabilities, paving the way for automation, AI, and Big Data to enhance Unilever's decision intelligence. In parallel, I lead the Data and Analytics Culture, fostering a future-fit workforce that embraces data-intelligent decision-making at all levels. Having dedicated myself to data strategy also in the banking sector, my journey involved transforming raw data into tangible business value. My diverse academic and professional background spans across Brazil, England, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, and Japan, providing me with a rich understanding of cultural norms and adaptability to diverse environments.